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TAE BO® NATION, It's time for us to start changing things for the betterment of ourselves, our children, family, and friends all over the world. In order to help others, we must change our own selves first!

I am reaching out today as a CEO, coach and leader of TAE BO® NATION. Recently, I attended a health and wellness convention, and I learned so much about how to build the company on both sides - health AND wellness. It was amazing. The word HOPE brings people together and keeps their values high. Teaching people the truth about health and fitness brings the love and integrity of Tae Bo Nation to the public.

TAE BO® NATION, It's time for us as a TEAM all over the world to make some changes! As always, I thank you guys for letting me be a part of your lives. My hope is to help as many people as possible, and bring everyone together through essential cardio kickboxing- the classic Tae Bo system which revolutionized the whole world and changed the way people looked at fitness.


About Billy


"I'm so fortunate to have been training with Billy Blanks® consistantly for over 6 years now. His power and wisdom fo far beyond just the physical aspect of fitness. I am forever grateful to call him both my trainer and most importantly my friend and mentor."
Melina Kanakaredes; Actor, Writer, Tae Bo® Athlete 

"Incredible. Still feeling the workout over 12 hours later.Love it!"
2019 MASuper Show Feedback
"Amazing energy and great curriculum. Billy is also a great instructor and genuine guy. I'd love to spend more time training with him."
2019 MASuper Show Feedback 

"I could only do six miutes at a time, then eight, then ten, and so on... (now) down 150+ pounds in 18 months"
Donna (USA 2020)

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